Dynamic Alerts

4 Feb

One of the things I always wanted to accomplish with Metrink was dynamic alerts. A static threshold is usually useless for most metrics, because most metrics are cyclic [1]: To deal with cyclic metrics, you need a threshold or alert … Read More »

ApacheCon North America 2014

5 Mar

While the Apache Software Foundation might have started with a small HTTP server written in C, it has blossomed into one of the biggest contributors open source Java in the world.ApacheCon North America will be held this year in Denver. Details below:Who: You! Anyone, … Read More »


8 Jan

Overview commons-dbutils is an Apache JDBC library that has been around since 2003. A number of projects use it to ensure that JDBC connections are properly closed. The main goals of the project are: Small: You should be able to understand the … Read More »

Simple Statistics

12 Nov

The field statistics is MUCH bigger than most people realize. However most of the time people are looking for the basics: min, max, average (mean). These values are easily computed by any novice programmer with a loop and some simple math… … Read More »

Intraprocess Pub-Sub

18 Feb

Pub-Sub Overview In computer science the term “pub-sub” is short for the Publish-Subscribe pattern of communication. In this pattern messages are produced by publishers and are not intended for any specific consumer. Instead, subscribers subscribe a class of messages and … Read More »