Simple Statistics

12 Nov

The field statistics is MUCH bigger than most people realize. However most of the time people are looking for the basics: min, max, average (mean). These values are easily computed by any novice programmer with a loop and some simple math… … Read More »

Intraprocess Pub-Sub

18 Feb

Pub-Sub Overview In computer science the term “pub-sub” is short for the Publish-Subscribe pattern of communication. In this pattern messages are produced by publishers and are not intended for any specific consumer. Instead, subscribers subscribe a class of messages and … Read More »

Parsing the Command Line

18 Jan

INTRODUCTION This blog post will discuss a common and simple problem of parsing the command line. To be honest, Java isn’t usually used to write programs run from the command line simply because you have to wrap the call to … Read More »


17 Jan

INTRODUCTION Welcome to Standard Operating Procedures 4 Java (SOP4J). The purpose of this blog is 3-fold: Provide an opinion on the technology or method to use to accomplish a given task. Provide complete code examples that people can comment on and submit … Read More »