Dynamic Alerts

4 Feb

One of the things I always wanted to accomplish with Metrink was dynamic alerts. A static threshold is usually useless for most metrics, because most metrics are cyclic [1]:

To deal with cyclic metrics, you need a threshold or alert level that is cyclic too. One such dynamic (as I call it) threshold is exponential smoothing. The two most commonly used exponential smoothing are double and triple exponential smoothing.

Using these techniques are not perfect crystal balls, but a number of companies/people are starting to find them useful for monitoring their infrastructures [2] [3].

I’m planning on open sourcing Metrink soon, (and along with it an updated sop4j-dbutils and Croque) so stay tuned here: https://github.com/metrink

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[1] SPS : the Pulse of Netflix Streaming
[2] Etsy – A Deep Dive into Monitoring with Skyline
[3] Statistical Tools for Performance Monitoring

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