SDR with the Newsky TV28T v2 USB DVB-T & RTL-SDR Receiver

27 Jan

I’d always wanted to get started with Software Defined Radio (SDR), and I found this blog post which claimed you could get a USB receiver for only $20: I ordered one, and below are the steps I took to get started.

* Installed GNU Radio from source (needed to resolve a number of deps): cmake ../ -DENABLE_GRC=ON -DENABLE_GR_FFT=ON -DENABLE_GNURADIO_RUNTIME=ON -DENABLE_PYTHON=ON

* Installed the rtl drivers/software by following these directions:

* Installed the GNU Radio component:

* Realized the GNU Radio was a bit more involved than what I wanted (though I did make at least an FM radio) and switched to GQRX


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