Top 10 Blogs/Sites for DevOps

17 Jul

We wanted to put together a list of top 10 blogs that every DevOps engineer should be reading. We probably missed some, so feel free to leave a comment or tweet at us about the blogs we missed.

  1. Planet DevOps – This is blog is the combination of a LOT of other blogs. You can see the complete list on the righthand side of the blog.
  2. – This blog, as the name implies has a lot of great content about continuous delivery. As a natural part of DevOps it made our list.
  3. DevOps Section of Quora – Quora is a popular question-and-answer site, and its DevOps section has a lot of great content about DevOps.
  4. IT Revolution Press – Gene Kim is a famous author and his blog focuses on case studies and reviews DevOps software.
  5. Agile Sysadmin – This is the blog of Atalanta Systems a company that specializes in implementing systems automation and lean practices.
  6. DevOpsGuys – This is the blog of Steve Thair and James Smith. They have over 15 years of industry experience in DevOps.
  7. Dev2ops – This blog contains lots of videos about DevOps.
  8. DZone – Not a blog, but a link aggregator site for developers. You can find many great articles on here directly related to DevOps. (Please vote for Metrink on DZone)
  9. Cuddletech – Ben Rockwood is a professonal UNIX systems administrator and has been blogging since 1999.
  10. DevOps Reactions – This site is more for comic relief than technical information. If you need a laugh when your servers are misbehaving, then this is the place to go.

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