Pingdom + StatusPage + Loader + Airbrake + LinkChecker = Metrink

14 Jul

Today Metrink announces a new suite of tools to help website administrators. Website administrators have long relied upon a number of tools to ensure their sites are up and running, and can easily communicate any issues to their users. Such tools as Pingdom,,, and Airbrake are great, but an administrator must sign-up for each tool in a different location. Metrink finally brings all of these helpful tools together into one location:

Page Fetch

Your site is fetched from around the world so you can monitor the performance from various locations.

User Experience

The load time of your site’s pages are recorded so you can know exactly what your users are seeing.

Site Doctor

We scan your site checking for broken links or resources, and generate a sitemap to help drive SEO.

Site Status

Ensure your customers know the status of your site by providing an off-server status of your site.

Capacity Planner

Load test your site from our servers to ensure you have enough capacity to handle your traffic.

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